Business Loans

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The Right Amount

Business Loans

Dedicated to helping small to medium sized businesses

At Firstfloor Capital, we collaborate with our customers to find suitable financial solutions to fund their business needs. By utilising an innovate and strategic approach, we deliver a simplistic solution to secure short-term funding that requires liquidity. We offer a variety of facilities that covers a broad spectrum of financial worth, along with flexible terms that range from 6 months to longer term loans. With quick application-to-loan turnaround, your business can get the financial assistance that you need.

The Right Amount

Firstfloor Capital offers flexible amounts when it comes to business loans – ranging from R250 000 to R2 million to ensure that you have the financial support to guarantee business continuation. With our financial expertise in your corner, we can determine the ideal amount to give your business the means to capitalise on current and potential business opportunities!

Tailored for You

Customised Payment Structure

Our business loans carry customised payment structures and terms to deliver feasible payment options for your business. These include interest-only loans, partial capital payments, or a residual payment at the end of the loan period. Therefore, you have peace of mind that you can pay back your business loan without crippling your finances by choosing a payment structure that perfectly suits your needs!

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Peace Of Mind

Safe and Secure

Firstfloor Capital delivers safe and secure business loan solutions that you can trust. With ample experience and expertise in the field of business loans, your business will get the very best from us – even when it comes to safe and secure loan payments. By choosing us to assist your business with a loan, you can get the ideal amount of capital, a fitting payment structure, and make reliable and safe payments – all in one!

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